Five Smart Cleaning Myths Busted

Five Smart Cleaning Myths Busted

Are you the one who rely on DIY cleaning tricks? If yes, you are not aware of the bad effects of using any cleaning items. There is nothing bad if you use a home surface cleaning idea in an urgency, but if you have become regular to use the DIY cleaning methods, then you may face the problems.

So, one is strictly suggested to lower the use of home based cleaning products. Analyzing the wide array of home cleaning material, there are major five tricks people often use however these methods should be avoided.

  • Feather Dusters
    Often feather duster is tended to remove the dust, however, it is not true. The feather dusters attract dust, instead of removing it. Moreover, it soon leaves the feathers and spread them around your home that can become the source of garbage.
  • Coca-Cola Cleans Toilets
    Coca-cola is also taken as the stain removal and perfect cleaning of your toilet. Actually, if you make overuse of coca-cola trick, it can make the stains darker.
  • Newspaper For Glass Cleaning
    Nowadays, the newspaper is less readable as compared to the online newspaper. This is why, rest some newspapers are printed with cheap quality ink. So, when you proceed to wet the paper for cleaning, it leave the ink on the glass while microfiber cloths will be better for this.
  • Rely On Cleaning Smell
    Cleaning the things does not mean that it will smell clean. If you clean the surface with detergent, obviously, it will leave its fragrance. So, don’t rely on the smell, make sure to focus on the deep cleaning using the scrub or brush.
  • Bleach Cleaning
    You may take the bleach for stain removal and deep cleaning, but it can make a bad impact on the surface. Your shining tiles can become dull and fade their actual design and colour.

So, one should use the high-quality cleaning products or hire the cleaning professionals at Cleanest Carpet. Our experts are well versed with the eco-friendly products to provide the satisfying result to our clients.

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